FAQ: What Size Shot For Pheasant Hunting?

5 shot is the most common size of load for pheasant hunting. It is a great load that will carry you through the year.

Is 4 shot too big for pheasant?

You can get standard lead shot, in sizes ranging from No. 7.5 to 4 shot. Many manufacturers make these lead shells. Then there are specialized shells loaded with special pellets to help knock down a large game bird that can oftentimes flush at long distances.

Is 7.5 shot good for pheasants?

I’ve shot lots of pheasants with 7.5 s and they work fine for close up shots. However they don’t kill that great and you will lose a bird or two with them that would if been bagged with 6 shot. I suggest 6 too and 7.5 fill birds up with pellets.

Is 6 shot steel good for pheasant?

Yes, #4 or #6 steel loads will kill’em, but a little extra pellet energy is a good thing on wild pheasants where shots can get on the long side.

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What is the best 12-gauge pheasant load?

For wild pheasants, I prefer 12-gauge, 2¾-inch shotshells with mid-weight to heavyweight payloads propelled to high velocities—1300 to 1500 fps. Those containing 1¼ to 1⅝ ozs.

Is 4 shot good for pheasants?

A size 4 is usually best for pheasants and a size 2 should be used for bigger birds such as ducks or geese, Burd said. Even larger shot is BB and BBB, then a range of buckshot. “Your pellets are really big by that time, like up to a third of an inch.

What is a good shot size for pheasant?

5 shot is the most common size of load for pheasant hunting. It is a great load that will carry you through the year.

What is the best ammo for pheasant hunting?

From experience, steel 3’s and 4’s in 12 or 20 gauges seem to do the job quite well on pheasants and steel 6’s or 7’s are good for quail and woodcock hunting. Extra speed in steel loads is generally necessary to impart greater striking force on the game being shot because steel is lighter than lead.

What is the best gun to use for pheasant hunting?

It’s obvious that the 12-gauge shotgun is the most popular choice, and many consider this the best all-around option for pheasant hunting. Ammunition is readily available and less expensive than for other gauges.

How much lead do you give a pheasant?

The average pheasant requires about 51⁄2ft of lead at 30yd, 8ft at 40yd but 11ft at 50yd. There are so many opinions given by “experts” trying to sell their way of shooting that forward allowance gets to be quite confusing.

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Can you shoot pheasants with steel shot?

Steel performs really well at distances most hunters shoot pheasants. And steel has only gotten better over time.

Can you use waterfowl shot for pheasant?

This year’s ban on using lead shot at Eastern Washington pheasant-release sites has snapped a few upland-bird hunters to attention. Waterfowl hunters have been required to use nontoxic shot for a quarter century, but the age of steel or other nontoxics is a new era for pheasant hunters.

Can you use target loads for pheasant hunting?

They would probably be okay for dove, quail and probably squirrels, A bit light for Rabbits and pheasants. Use them all the time for quail and early season pheasants I order Rio game loads by the case for doves, but one year I couldn’t find any 1-1/8 oz., so I bought some Remington Nitro skeet loads in 7-1/2.

Can you use Turkey loads for pheasants?

Turkey loads are similar in shot size to what you would use for pheasant. You have 6s which are a very common shot size for pheasant and then 4 or 5 which are a bit on the large side for pheasant but people still use them. The difference between a turkey load and a pheasant load is the shot payload.

Are Remington pheasant loads lead?

For the broadest selection in game-specific Upland lead shotshells, Remington® Pheasant Loads are the perfect choice. Their high-velocity and long-range performance are just right for any pheasant hunting situation. Standard high-base payloads available in 12, 16, and 20 gauge and feature Power Piston® one-piece wads.

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What is pheasant load?

The short answer to part one is yes— 1¼ ounces of shot at 1220 fps is a fine pheasant load. A 1220-fps, 1¼-ounce load of lead 5s or 6s (or even 7 ½s at reasonable ranges) is deadly to pheasants and pretty easy on the shooter.

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