FAQ: Who Is Hunting Stefan And Damon?

In Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, three years from now, Rayna appears in a flashforward hunting Stefan and Damon Salvatore. In Never Let Me Go, three years from now, Rayna shoots Tony in the throat and Caroline Forbes is shot with a Stake while remaining unseen.

Who is the person chasing Damon and Stefan?

The vampire huntress Rayna (Leslie-Anne Huff), who will be formally introduced in Episode 12, is after Stefan because he was stabbed by the Phoenix Stone Sword. “Pretty much everyone gets in her cross-hairs,” Annie Wersching tells TVGuide.com.

Who is the hunter in Season 8 of Vampire Diaries?

Jeremy Gilbert might be gone, but The Vampire Diaries is getting a new vampire hunter. EW has learned that Leslie-Anne Huff will play Rayna, a dangerous vampire hunter who returns to the world of the living after being taken out by her enemies.

Who is the mystery hunter on TVD?

Episode 712 will introduce Leslie-Anne Huff (NCIS) as Rayna, a vicious vampire hunter who “returns to the world of the living after being taken out by her enemies,” TVLine has learned.

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Who is the hunter in Vampire Diaries Season 7?

Flashforward: Three years from now, near the Dallas news station, Matt vervains Stefan after freeing Caroline (as shown in the previous episode). Inside the news station, the unseen vampire hunter is finally revealed to be a young Rayna, who looks on at Damon as he sits there tied to a chair weakened by werewolf toxin.

Who chased Stefan and Damon Season 7?

In Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, three years from now, Rayna appears in a flashforward hunting Stefan and Damon Salvatore.

Is Rayna Elena’s doppelganger?

On the accidental doppelgänger We threw in a couple jokes about it, but truthfully, there is no mythological reason for it.” We’ve been wondering if there was any significance behind Rayna Cruz being an Elena look-a-like (and who can blame us with the million doppelgängers she has), but apparently there isn’t.

Who is the vampire hunter that Klaus is so afraid of?

Esther is, along with Mikael, one of the two beings that Klaus truly feared; Klaus is only afraid of Esther, because she knows the Spell that turned him and his half-siblings into vampires, or in Klaus’ case into a hybrid, and can turn them back into humans again, or in Klaus’ case into a werewolf again; however,

Who is the strongest vampire hunter in vampire Diaries?

Upon turning, Mikael became the strongest of them all, considering his prowess in warfare. In the present day, Klaus is a deft hybrid who is in command of all his abilities, Mikael overpowered him quite easily, despite not being a hybrid. Also, he only drank from vampires which may have made him stronger.

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Who are the five hunters in vampire Diaries?

The Witch of The Five created five hunters (probably one each to oppose the Original Witch, Esther Mikaelson’s, five Original Vampire children, Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Kol and Finn ). She didn’t create a sixth hunter who would be an antagonist of Mikael, a vampire who hunts other vampires.

Why was Matt hunting Stefan?

Matt hates and is hunting all vampires down, especially Stefan Salvatore, as a result of Penny’s death. It was Matt who really killed her, but Stefan compelled Matt to forget this.

How does Bonnie stop being the Huntress?

After Damon destroyed the corpse of the last shaman, Bonnie’s connection to it also broke, freeing her from her duties and abilities as the huntress. However, her magic did not return, leaving her devastated over the loss of her powers as well as Enzo and Damon being taken by the Armory’s monster, Sybil.

Does Stefan come back after Rayna killed him?

Stefan and Caroline are finally back together, after Alaric graciously let her go. Bonnie lost her magic when she became the huntress and didn’t regain it when the everlasting was killed. She’s devastated over the loss of Damon and Enzo.

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