Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon Character Is A Janitor In Which Institution?

Real Boston locations include the college, where stubbornly underachieving genius Will Hunting (Damon) works as janitor, which is Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge – the exterior is MIT’s McLaurin Building.

Why is Will a janitor in Good Will Hunting?

He ends up working as a janitor at the prestigious Maryland School of the Arts as punishment after he and his friends vandalize the school and get caught (one of Gage’s friends actually gets caught, but Gage sacrifices himself so that the friend can get away).

What college was used in Good Will Hunting?

Although the story is set in Boston, and many of the scenes were shot on location in the Greater Boston area, many of the interior shots were filmed at locations in Toronto, with the University of Toronto standing in for MIT and Harvard University.

Was Good Will Hunting shot at MIT?

The film achieved great success, grossed over $225.9 million worldwide. Good Will Hunting was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Filming locations included the University of Toronto, Public Garden, Upfront Bar & Grill, Ontario Specialty Co, Woody’s L Street Tavern, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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What city does Good Will Hunting take place in?

When Good Will Hunting debuted in 1997 it put the city of Boston and writers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck on the movie map! The story follows Will Hunting (Matt Damon), a dropout genius unwilling to work towards his potential who suddenly finds himself with the opportunity to turn his life around.

Did Matt Damon attend Harvard?

Early life and career Damon was raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and attended the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, where he took drama classes. At age 18 he landed a small part in Mystic Pizza (1988) and also enrolled in Harvard University as an English major.

What is the Irish curse in Good Will Hunting?

“The Irish Curse” is the kind of play that makes men cross their legs, and then try to cross them again … just to make sure.

Where did Matt Damon go to college?

Matt Damon attended Harvard to study English, though he knew already that he wanted to pursue a career in acting. During his time at Harvard, he found a talent for playwriting.

What is Will Hunting’s IQ?

Will Hunting = Will Sidis Sidis (with his adulthood estimated IQ= 250-300 ) Could clear MIT entrance at age 8; Graduated from harvard at age 16, Entered law school age 16.

Where exactly is the Good Will Hunting bench?

The park, to which Maguire takes Will for a heart-to-heart, is Boston Public Garden, Arlington Street, southwest of downtown. The bench is still there – just follow the lakeside path north from the western end of the bridge.

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Where did Will Hunting go?

Good Will Hunting ends with Will setting off to drive to California to go see about a girl and reunite with Skylar (Minnie Driver), but this wasn’t how things were originally supposed to go.

Was Good Will Hunting Based on a true story?

Broadly speaking, Good Will Hunting isn’t based on a true story. But Damon did incorporate aspects of his personal life into the script. For example, Skylar (Minnie Driver), Will Hunting’s love interest, was based on Damon’s then-girlfriend, medical student Skylar Satenstein. This is a true story,” he said.

What part of Good Will Hunting was filmed in Toronto?

In downtown Toronto are the Ontario Specialty Co, 133 Church Street at Queen Street, the toy store where Will demonstrates his magic trick to Skylar. The shop is transformed into a beauty parlour for the fake newsreel shots in Oscar-winning musical Chicago (which was filmed entirely in Toronto).

What parts of Good Will Hunting were filmed in Toronto?

Allegedly, Bloor street’s Crown Life Building, the Central Tech high school on Bathurst, Front street’s Upfront Bar & Grill, and the Ontario Speciality Co. shop on Church st. were all used in the film, but those last two are no longer in business.

Where in Boston was the town filmed?

Filming began in late August 2009 in Boston. The former MASSBank branch located in Melrose, Massachusetts, was used as the location for the first robbery of the film, taking on the name Cambridge Merchants Bank (the exterior shots, however, are of Cambridge Savings Bank in Harvard Square).

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