How Long Is The Hunting Safety Course?

Typically it takes about 4–6 hours to go through the online course, excluding any quizzes and/or exams and restudying that you may choose to do.

How many questions is the hunters ed final exam?

100 Questions from all 12 Modules. Pass mark of 80% required. 90 Minute time-limit.

How long is the online PA hunter safety course?

First-time hunting license buyers in Pennsylvania can now complete their required hunter-trapper education class entirely online. The Pennsylvania Game Commission has announced that the online course, which can be completed online in about six to eight hours, is available to students ages 16 and older.

Does hunter safety course expire?

A Hunter Education Card is proof that you have completed a recognized hunting safety course. Since the hunter’s training card does not expire and does not need to be renewed, it is not referred to as a hunting license.

How hard is core exam?

How hard is the test? The tests is 75 multiple choice questions. It takes an average of 60 minutes for students to complete the test. If you take notes during class and complete the assigned readings you will do well on the exam.

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What happens at Hunter Safety Field Day?

Field Days are conducted by DEP-certified hunter safety instructors, and are expected to last about 4-6 hours. Activities at the Field day include some instruction (known as a “field walk”, a written final exam and some live fire exercises.

How much does the PA hunter safety course cost?

How much does the Pennsylvania Hunter Ed Course cost? The Pennsylvania Hunter Ed Course fee is $34.95.

How long is a PA hunting license good for?

Pennsylvania residents age 65 or older may purchase the Resident Senior Hunting License for a reduced fee or the Resident Senior Hunting Lifetime License for a one-time fee. The lifetime license must be renewed each year to receive valid harvest tags; the renewal license is free.

How long did the Hunter exam last?

The Hunter Exam occurs once every year starting from January 7th and lasts for a period comprised between one week and one month.

How do I get a lost hunters Ed card?

To replace a lost, destroyed, or damaged Hunter Education Certificate, go to -how-do-i-replace-a-lost-certificate.

How do I get a replacement hunter safety card?

All requests for replacement cards must be made online by completing a form, which can be found HERE (click on the link contained within the word “HERE ”). There is no charge for this service. If you have taken the course in another state, you will have to contact that state agency to issue you a duplicate card.

How long is a core exam?

It is recommended that this exam is taken on a computer with access to RAnet to ensure that all the resources required for the exam are available. All exams are 3.5 hours.

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