Often asked: What Hunting Season Is It Right Now In Washington State?

Washington is divided into Game Management Units and seasons can vary slightly according to which GMU you’re hunting. **Season dates vary by zone.

Washington Small Game Seasons.

Bobcat Sept. 1-Mar. 15
Rabbit and Hare Sept. 1-Mar. 15
Forest Grouse Sept. 1-Dec. 31
Mountain Quail Sept. 25-Nov. 30
Pheasant Sept. 25-Jan. 17**


Can you shoot Bobcats in Washington?

Washington: Bobcats are classified as game animals and an open season and a hunting license are required to hunt them (WAC 232‑12‑007). A property owner or the owner’s immediate family, employee, or tenant may kill a bobcat on that property if it is damaging domestic animals (RCW 77.36. 030). No permit is required.

Where can I hunt deer in Washington state?

2021 Statewide Hunting Prospects

  • District 1 – Ferry, Pend Oreille, and Stevens counties.
  • District 2 – Lincoln, Spokane, and Whitman counties.
  • District 3 – Asotin, Columbia, Garfield, and Walla Walla counties.
  • District 5 – Adams and Grant counties.
  • District 6 – Okanogan County.
  • District 7 – Chelan and Douglas counties.

What can you hunt in Washington state right now?

In Washington, you can hunt everything from large game such as deer, elk and bear, as well as a wide selection of migratory birds. Washington is divided into Game Management Units and seasons can vary slightly according to which GMU you’re hunting.

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What can you hunt in WA?

Only a current “open” firearms licence is required to hunt on private property. There is no hunting permit or fee applicable. The following animals are some of the feral species that can be regularly taken in Western Australia: Rabbits, hares, foxes, pigs, wild dogs, goats, camels, donkeys, wild horse and wild cattle.

Is it legal to hunt squirrels in Washington?

There are four native squirrel species in the state: the western gray, Douglas’, red and flying squirrels. All of our native squirrels in Washington are protected by law and may not be hunted or trapped. They are not protected and may be hunted if you have a valid hunting license.

Can I shoot a coyote on my property in Washington state?

The owner, the owner’s immediate family, employee, or a tenant of real property may kill or trap a coyote on that property if it is damaging crops or domestic animals (RCW 77.36. 030). A license is not required in such cases. Check with your county and/or local jurisdiction for local restrictions.

Should I report a bobcat sighting in Washington State?

In the event of an immediate public safety issue, wildlife violation, or an injured or dangerous animal, please call the WDFW Enforcement office at 360-902-2936 or email [email protected], or call 911.

How big do bobcats get in Washington state?

Adult male bobcats weigh 20 to 30 pounds and average 3 feet in length. Females are considerably smaller and may weigh less than a large house cat. Bobcats of eastern Washington tend to be a much lighter buff color than those of western Washington. Both color phases occur along the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains.

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Where is the best deer hunting in Washington state?

District 1. The mountains and valleys of District 1 (Game Management Units 101 through 121) offer the best whitetail hunting in Eastern Washington. With 37% of the land public, there’s plenty of opportunity for the enterprising hunter.

Can you hunt on state land in Washington?

State owned lands open to hunting are managed by WDFW and WDNR. Washington State Parks also owns public lands, however hunting is not allowed in state parks. WDFW owns and manages 33 wildlife areas throughout the state, totaling approximately one million acres. WDNR manages nearly 5.6 million acres.

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