Often asked: What Is Saddle Hunting?

Saddle hunting is the method of deer hunting from an elevated position using a tree hunting saddle. A hunting saddle, lineman’s belt or rock climbing harness is used to clip to a secure anchor when you reach your desired height on the tree, or you run out of climbing sticks!

Is Saddle hunting better?

Because tree saddles weigh less and require less bulky equipment, you can make much less noise while you walk, giving you a better chance of going unnoticed by the wildlife. It also makes it easier to traverse rugged terrain and get to more difficult-to-reach areas.

What all is needed to saddle hunt?

Most of you should be familiar with a lineman’s rope (or lineman’s belt), since it’s used when setting up a treestand. And a tree tether is what you put around the tree to attach to the bridge of your saddle. The bridge of your saddle runs through a carabiner that is attached to the tree tether by an ascender.

Are saddle stands comfortable?

The short answer is “yes”. Saddles are very comfortable. Most users find them superior to traditional hang on tree stands right out of the box while a few users experience mild discomfort due to improper setup techniques. Minor discomfort can be present on the hips (hip pinch) or lower back.

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Can you saddle hunt without a platform?

Senior Member. It’s doable with a ring of steps or the top of your sticks but having a platform is worth every penny. I use the Ridge Runner from Out On a Limb and it’s been fantastic. If you have never saddle hunted, having a platform will shorten your learning curve and increase your comfort by a great deal.

Can you gun hunt from a saddle?

Advertisement It is very possible to rifle hunt out of a tree saddle. A rifle can safely be held by a single gear hook while not in use. The same hook, tree, and saddle itself can also be used as a support for an accurate shot. Plus, you are still able to shoot 360 around you like you can with a bow.

Do you need a harness when saddle hunting?

If you are wearing a modern saddle no additional harness is required or recommended. Any diy saddle that hasn’t been designed and tested to stop a fall should be used in conjunction with a harness of some kind.

What is saddle hunting?

Saddle hunting is the method of deer hunting from an elevated position using a tree hunting saddle. Saddle hunting has been around for over 30 years and is now making its way into the mainstream hunting culture.

Are tree saddles uncomfortable?

A tree saddle allows me to do this better than ever before. Another common concern about tree saddles is whether they are comfortable. By properly tweaking my saddle to fit my body and then adjusting my position throughout the day, I’ve found the saddle to be comfortable enough even for all-day hunts.

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Can you sit in a tree saddle all day?

But neither is sitting all day in a traditional tree stand. You can stand straight up on your platform, you can lean back into your saddle with your legs straight or bent, you can sit down in the saddle and have your legs up against the tree or around it, and so on.

How high should a tree saddle be?

You may be able to hang with less if the sticks are longer or if you like to hunt sub-15 ft. A good rule of thumb is if you want to be twenty feet or more nearer to the clouds you’ll need a fourth stick. I would generally say most folks will average 5 feet of elevation comfortably per stick. Use that as a base.

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