Often asked: What Is The Best Tree Saddle For Hunting?

Best New Saddles for Tree Saddle Hunting

  • Aero Hunter. See Photo Gallery.
  • H2 Saddles. See Photo Gallery.
  • Tethrd. See Photo Gallery.
  • Latitude Outdoors. See Photo Gallery.
  • Trophyline. See Photo Gallery.
  • Tree Hopper. See Photo Gallery.
  • TX5 Custom Gear. See Photo Gallery.

What tree saddle does hunting public use?

The guys at The Hunting Public spend a lot of time in trees. And for the past few years, they’ve leaned into a tree saddle setup from the brand Tethrd. The packability and lightness of a tree saddle make hiking into hunting spots a heck of a lot easier.

Can you gun hunt from a tree saddle?

It is very possible to rifle hunt out of a tree saddle. The same hook, tree, and saddle itself can also be used as a support for an accurate shot. Plus, you are still able to shoot 360 around you like you can with a bow.

What is the lightest tree saddle?

The Tethrd Mantis Saddle is the culmination of years of combined research and testing. At only 15 ounces, it’s easily the world’s most ultralight elevated hunting system.

Is a tree saddle comfortable?

Do not be discouraged if the tree saddle isn’t as comfortable as you thought it’d be the first time you use it. Just like any other product, it needs to be broken in a bit before it reaches its maximum comfort level. It may be stiffer than you expected at first, but it will break in.

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How do you stay comfortable in a tree stand?

These tips will help you stay comfortable and alert so that you are ready when that big buck comes cruising by.

  1. Stand Placement.
  2. Comfortable Seating.
  3. Add Storage.
  4. Pack Food.
  5. Dress for Colder Weather than the Forecast.
  6. Use Realtree EZ Hangers.
  7. Get Down.
  8. Don’t Use a Stand at All.

Can you rifle hunt out of a tree stand?

Position the stand so you can use the tree trunk as a rest. Climbers equipped with sling-style seats should be set as low as possible. Lowering the seat positions the rifle better for the shot. Consider a rifle with a 20-inch barrel and an overall length of around 40 inches for better maneuverability while aloft.

How much do Lone Wolf climbing sticks weight?

Stick Length: 32″ Distance between steps: 15″ Weight: 2.5 pounds per stick, 10 pounds pack of 4 sticks.

How high can you get with 4 mini sticks?

You have 3 steps on each stick that are 15 inches apart. With 4 sticks that makes 12 steps times 15 inches giving you 180 inches or 15 feet.

How high can you get with Trophyline mini sticks?

Trophyline Mini Sticks 17-inch OAL; 15-inch STS; 1 lb., 7 oz. The lightweight leader of the group. Even with the shorter STS distance, this highly mobile four-pack combined with a moveable two-rung aider can have you soaring to 20-feet, for under 6-lbs total weight!

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