Often asked: When Are Hunting Tags Due Colorado?

​​Payment Deadlines

​​Payment Deadlines IMPORTANT: License must be paid for by this date.​​ ​
​​Sheep Goat​ May 4, 12pm MT
Primary Draw ​Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, Moose Bear June 11, 12pm MT
​Secondary Draw Deer, Elk, Bear, Pronghorn ​July 16, 12pm MT

Can I still get a deer tag in Colorado?

Calling all Colorado big game hunters! There are still options to purchase a 2021 hunting license. The remaining limited licenses will go on sale on a first come first serve basis starting Tuesday, August 3, 2021, at 9 am MT.

How long are hunting tags good for?

Licenses are usually valid for one year, though I have seen multi-year license for sale too. Many states offer ‘lifetime’ licenses as well, for a substantial up-front sum. A good rule of thumb with licenses is this: hunting licenses are always necessary, but often not sufficient.

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When can you buy over the counter elk tags in Colorado?

These OTC tags go on sale on Aug. 6 this year (2021). These licenses are unlimited on public land, but most private land tags are limited.

How do I get a Colorado hunting tag?

Where to Buy a Colorado Hunting License

  1. Visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.
  2. Call 1-800-244-5613.
  3. Visit a Colorado Parks and Wildlife office or an approved license retailer.

Can you buy over the counter deer tags in Colorado?

What are over-the-counter licenses? These are sold online, by phone, at sales agents and CPW locations for rifle, archery and muzzleloader seasons. OTC archery and muzzleloader bear licenses are add-on only licenses.

How do deer tags work in Ontario?

Deer Licence/Tag: What you must purchase and carry with you to be allowed to go deer hunting. Includes a Game Seal for an Antlered Deer. If you fill your Game Seal, you must keep your Licence/Tag on your person if you continue to party hunt deer or have an Additional Game Seal.

How do deer tags work?

How Do Hunting Tags Work? Acquiring one tag means you have the legal right to kill one specific animal. If you’re applying for a buck tag during deer hunting season in your state, then your tag gives you the right to kill a male deer, with a specified number of points on its antlers.

How many deer tags can you get in Michigan?

The statewide limit for private-land antlerless license purchase is 10 per hunter. This limit offers maximum opportunity for those who wish to manage abundant deer on their property.

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Can you buy a cow elk tag over the counter in Colorado?

If you’re an archery hunter, you can purchase an either-sex OTC archery elk license. These licenses allow you to harvest a bull or cow elk and the license is valid in many game management units. In addition to either-sex archery tags, Colorado also offers antlerless archery elk licenses over the counter.

What is the best elk unit in Colorado?

Five units (4, 13, 22, 85 and 421) were in the top units for both the 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons for both total Bull Elk harvest and for hunter success.

Where is the best elk hunting in Colorado on public land?

Look to the Routt National Forest where you’ll find large elk numbers. The basic movement is from the higher to lower elevations in response to hunting pressure and elevation. With 48 percent of the land available to the public, hunters, over the past few years, have reported about an 18% success rate.

How long do you have to live in Colorado to be a resident for hunting?

A Colorado “resident” is someone who has lived in Colorado for at least 6 continuous months immediately prior to the purchase of CPW products and intends to make Colorado their primary state of residency.

Can I hunt on my own land without a license in Colorado?

Hunting wildlife in Colorado generally requires a license. It does not require a license in Colorado to kill certain animals on lands that one owns or leases if they are causing damage to crops, real or personal property or livestock.

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What do I need to hunt elk in Colorado?

Elk Hunting Season In-state hunters will need a valid Colorado Hunter Safety card, along with the proper tag. The 2019 elk hunting seasons varies by choice of archery, muzzleloading or rifle. Archery is first, followed by muzzleloading and rifle last.

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