Often asked: When Is Elk Hunting Season In Arizona?

2021 Non-Resident Fees

2021 Dates
Archery Deer December Dec 9 – Dec 31
Bull Elk Early Archery Sept 9 – Sept 22
Bull Elk Early Firearm Sept 23 – Sept 29
Bull Elk Late Archery Nov 4 – Nov 17 or Nov 11 – Nov 24


How much is an elk tag in Arizona?

Resident elk: $148. Nonresident elk: $665. Resident youth only: $63. Nonresident youth only: $65.

Can you hunt elk in AZ?

Arizona is home to some of the biggest and best elk hunting out there and the state’s on more than a few hunters to-do lists across the country — and, quite possibly, even the world. We grow big bulls in fairly easy to access habitat.

What is the best elk unit in Arizona?

Unit 10 is our #1 pick for the best unit for elk hunting in Arizona. With incredible genetics, it produces 400 class bulls every year, even on the drought years. Besides the genetics, Unit 10 is very easy to hunt. The terrain is well suited for glassing.

What can I hunt in Arizona right now?

Arizona offers some of the most unique hunting opportunities in North America for each of these species: Black bear, bison, white-tailed deer, desert bighorn sheep, elk, javelina, mountain lion, mule deer, pronghorn and turkey.

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What can you hunt in Arizona?

In Arizona, you can hunt: small game (cottontail rabbit, tree squirrel, migratory game birds, and upland game birds like quail); big game (black bear, bighorn sheep, bison, mule deer, white-tailed deer, elk, javelina, mountain lion, pronghorn antelope, and turkey); and predator/fur-bearing animals (coyotes, skunks,

Where are the most elk in Arizona?

Greer is Home to the Largest Elk Population in Arizona.

How many elk tags are issued in Arizona?

The Arizona Department of Game and Fish issues approximately 25,000 elk tags annually. Arizona elk hunting offers the chance at a bull-of-a-lifetime, like this 470-inch-plus giant taken in 2020.

Where do elk winter Arizona?

Annually, the I-17 elk herd migrates an average of 24 miles to lower-elevation winter range dominated by pinyon-juniper habitat. This winter habitat is located along Oak Creek Canyon to the west and Wet Beaver Creek to the south.

How do I get an elk tag in Arizona?

Sportsmen need to go to www.azgfd.gov and click on “Apply for a Draw.” The department notes: “For an overview of the application service, including license requirements, applying for bonus points and payment information, see page 8 of the “2021 Pronghorn and Elk Hunt Draw Information” booklet.

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