Question: What Is The Best Cover Scent For Deer Hunting?

Our Top Cover Scent Picks

  • Hunter’s Specialities Wafers– “The wafer design puts this cover scent above the rest”
  • EverCalm Deer Herd Scent Stick– “A top pick because of its easy application”
  • Nose Jammer– “The penetrative aerosol spray makes this scent a winner”
  • Buck Bomb– “A great choice for its large application area”

What do hunters use to cover their scent?

Hunting companies sell all kinds of natural and artificial masking scent, cover spray and attractant for use during a hunt. You can choose from natural cover sprays like pine, acorn, apple and earth or even scents designed to smell like raccoon, fox or skunk urine.

What scent attracts big bucks?

Doe urine in the liquid form is probably the most common attractant scent used by deer hunters, and there’s a good reason for that. Deer, just like dogs and many other animals, are attracted by urine left by others of their own species. It calms their nerves and piques their curiosity.

Is vanilla a good cover scent for deer hunting?

Add a few teaspoons of vanilla extract to a spray bottle filled with distilled water to create a very effective and easy scent-covering spray. Deer often exhibit curiosity, not fear, when they encounter vanilla-based cover scents.

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How do you keep your hunting clothes scent free?

To keep your clothing from absorbing scents after washing, air-dry them outdoors or load them into an electric dryer with a scent-killing or earth-scented dryer strip to further control human odors. Once your hunting clothes are dry, store them in an airtight plastic container or scent-trapping bag.

How do you cover up human scent?

One way to mask your scent is to use a natural smell that is familiar to animals and will not alert them to your presence. Rubbing dirt, leaves, pine needles and other natural materials on your clothing will help mask your scent from animals. Typically these materials have stronger scents than humans.

How do you attract a big buck?

Here are a few tips for bringing in the big bucks:

  1. Use an Attractant. A deer’s sense of smell is about 60 times better than a human’s.
  2. Use a Grunt Call. Use a grunt call to lure in bucks within earshot.
  3. Be Invisible. Now that you’ve lured your bucks, it’s important not to scare them off.
  4. Contact R & K Hunting Company.

How do you attract bucks to your stand?

For variety and winter cover, you can mix in a few pines or cedars.

  1. Provide minerals. Maybe you’re fortunate enough to have a natural mineral site on your property.
  2. Add water.
  3. Create or enhance staging areas.
  4. Add shrubs and vines.
  5. Build big buck bedding cover.
  6. Create a thermal refuge.
  7. Plant oaks.
  8. Give them fruit.

How do you make deer not smell?

Here are several ways to do that.

  1. Take a Bath. I always take a shower with scent-reducing soap before each hunt.
  2. Baking Soda Tooth Paste.
  3. Wash Those Clothes.
  4. Wear Rubber Boots.
  5. Properly Storing Clothing.
  6. Scent-Proof Your Gear.
  7. Monitor Winds Upon Entry (and Exit)
  8. Hunt Stands with Favorable Winds.
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What’s a good cover scent for deer?

X-tra Concentrated Earth Masking Scent should be your choice for this, or for simply using as a cover. There is no substitute for playing the wind and keeping deer upwind or crosswind of you whenever possible.

Can deer smell vanilla extract?

Vanilla extract smells like acorns. That is the reason it attracts deer.

Does vanilla work as a cover scent?

Not ever and not at all. If a deer can smell your cover scent it can smell you. A deer can process and identify 6 smells at one time so in the case of vanilla, the deer will smell the vanilla, the hunter and 4 other things all at the same time and nothing we try to cover up with will matter a lick.

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