Question: What States Have Moose Hunting?

Moose hunting throughout the U.S.

  • Alaska. In search for the largest variety of moose, hunters travel north to Alaska.
  • Maine. The highest density of the Eastern Moose in the United States is located in Maine.
  • New Hampshire. For more Eastern Moose hunting, head just southwest to New Hampshire.
  • Washington.

Where can I go moose hunting?

Moose Pre-Rut Archery Hunt Alberta, Canada These Wildlife Management Units Run from the Brazeau Canyon on the South Border and North along the Jasper National Park Boundary on the West Side to Brule Lake on the Athabasca River, the Eastern Border Runs South of Hwy #16 Past Robb Ab on Forestry Trunk Roads.

Where is the best moose hunting in the US?

Alaska. The Last Frontier is considered THE top moose hunting destination in North America and no other location really comes close. If you’re looking for a true trophy moose, this is the place to harvest one. The Boone & Crockett world record Alaska Yukon moose was harvested outside Fortymile River, Alaska in 1994.

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How much is a moose hunt in Maine?

Moose hunting is not an inexpensive activity, though there are ways to reduce the costs associated with “the hunt of a lifetime.” A Maine resident will pay $15 to enter the permit lottery, and another $52 for the permit itself, if drawn.

Where in Canada can you hunt moose?

Big Sand Lake Lodge has the largest moose hunting territory that is exclusive to any one operator in all of Canada. In this vast wilderness, you will commence your hunt for the largest member of the deer family. And, large they are! A bull moose in full spread of antlers is the most imposing beast in North America.

What state has the biggest moose?

Moose population in the United States The largest moose specimens are found in Alaska, 200,000 moose.

Where is the best moose hunting in the world?

We hunt the big Alaska-Yukon Moose on the Alaska Peninsula on our private native land hunting concession in the heart of big moose country near Katmai National Park and Preserve, one of the best areas in the world to hunt big trophy bull moose.

How much does a non resident moose tag cost in Alaska?

Non-Resident License & Tag Fees – For most Alaska moose hunts, non-residents should plan for a $160 annual hunting license fee (must be purchased in advance for making a “Draw” entry in Nov/Dec as well), and a $800 Moose harvest tag fee.

How much does an Alaskan hunt cost?

This is easy to understand, as guided Alaska hunts are some of the most expensive around. Single-species hunts for mountain goat, dall sheep and brown bear run anywhere from $9,000 to $14,000.

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How hard is it to get a moose tag in Maine?

According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, the overall odds for a single resident “chance” to be drawn, should they be willing to accept any season and any type of permit, are 1 in 72. The more chances you have in the drawing, the better your odds get.

How hard is it to get a moose tag?

Moose tags can be difficult to obtain and usually gotten via the lottery system, but big-game hunters need not be defeated just yet: most moose hunting packages from reputable guides come ready with a tag and hunting license included in the costs.

How do I get a moose tag in Maine?

To hunt for moose in Maine, you will need a permit; and due to high demand, these permits are administered in four ways only:

  1. Through three chance lottery drawings: resident, non-resident, and the adaptive management zone.
  2. Through a competitive auction.
  3. Through a controlled moose hunt for disabled veterans.

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