Quick Answer: How To Beat Hans At Hunting?

Rescue Hans Capon Either sneak up to them from behind to knock them out or engage them in combat. If you’re doing a “no kills” run, you can use a blunt weapon (Bludgeon etc.) to knock them out. After the two Cumans are gone untie Lord Capon and return back to Rattay with him. This finishes the quest.

How many hares does it take to beat Hans?

So I am playing through this game for the first time and didn’t beat Hans at hunting hares. I decided to look it up and saw that you only need about 4 hares to beat him.

How many rabbits do you need to beat Hans capon?

Hans will offer another contest – hunting hares. The contest will last until midday. If you’re not going to miss all the time, you should be able to get around a dozen rabbits without much effort. You can hunt the hares in the whole forest – you don’t have to stick to one particular area.

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What happens if you leave Hans capon?

If you don’t have a horse, Hans will leave you behind in order to get the boar, and you’ll have to find him. They shoot his horse, causing him to fall and hit his head, and kill his two dogs.

Can you beat Sir Hans in hunting?

Defeating Hans can be pretty difficult. Remember to block often, keep your eye on the stamina and try to thrown Hans off-balance with the secondary sword attack. If you manage to win, you will get Capon’s hunting bow (you will be able to use it later on – it requires 5 Strength and Agility points).

Can’t find Hans Capon in woods?

You’ll have to find where Sir Hans has gotten to now in wide area of woods. Check your map out, and look for a road leading horizontally through the woods, obscured by patches of trees. Search up on the West end of that path and you’ll stumble upon a camp – where two Cumans have Sir Hans hostage.

Are quests in Kingdom Come time sensitive?

If an NPC is waiting for you at a nearby location, even if they do not specify a time, they will not wait forever, this can vary wildly from quest to quest. If the next requirement for a quest is simply to ‘travel to ___ town,’ then the quest is usually not time sensitive (unless explicitly stated)

Where are the hares in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Hares can be found in almost all of the wooded areas throughout the map. The nearest hare hunting spot to Rattay can be found directly west, south or south east. Make your way into the woods and keep your eyes peeled for any movement on the ground.

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Where is Hans Capon after next to godliness?

In Rattay, find Hans Capon on the third floor of the knights barracks laying in bed. Speak to him and he’ll ask you to go with him to the Rattay baths. Tell him you’ll meet him at the baths and he’ll tell you to meet him there after nightfall. Next to Godliness

  • Of course.
  • That wasn’t the plan?
  • Why not?

How do you win the kingdom come archery contest?

Method #1: Horse-Blocking

  1. Stop your horse directly in front of your closest opponent.
  2. The guy closest to you is the best archer.
  3. If you want to be really sure, you can use a second horse to block the second archer.
  4. If you block both archers, just score a few points and wait for an hour to win the contest.

Is capons hunting bow good?

Bows take longer to shoot the higher their Strength requirement is, however, because Capon’s hunting bow has such low requirements for the damage it deals, it becomes an optimal bow for any type of hunting, and provided you have decent arrows and have a moderately high Bow skill, then even Red deer can be killed with a

Will there be a Kingdom Come Deliverance 2?

Finally, some news: Fans of Kingdom Come Deliverance have been waiting for what feels like an eternity for a sequel or at least an announcement for it. But even 3 years after the first game was released, there is no trace of Kingdom Come 2.

Can you play after epilogue KCD?

At this very moment, an autosave of the game will be created. After playing the epilogue, you can return to the adventure from this moment of the story and continue exploring the world – in such case, there is no need to complete the epilogue again. You can also choose to load the game from this point.

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What is the epilogue in KCD?

Epilog is a short additional quest for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which is switched on after completing the main task of An Oath is an Oath and watching the final subtitles. This quest will not cause you any problems. It consists of just a few conversations and one long journey.

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