Quick Answer: What Gun To Use For Turkey Hunting?

Gun or Bow In most states, choices for method of take for turkeys are shotgun, muzzleloader or bow. Thanks to modern turkey loads and turkey chokes, both 12 and 20 gauge do a good job at taking down a turkey. With Federal Premium Ammunition’s TSS turkey loads, even. 410 shotguns are viable turkey guns.

What is the best gun to use for turkey hunting?

The Best Pump-Action Turkey Guns Ever Made

  1. Winchester Model 12. A used Full-choke Model 12 makes a great and classic turkey gun.
  2. Remington 870 Express Turkey. The 870 has probably killed more turkeys that any other shotgun.
  3. Winchester 1300/SXP.
  4. Ithaca Model 37 Turkey Slayer.
  5. Mossberg 835.

Can you use a rifle for turkey hunting?

However, where it is legal, turkey hunting with a rifle can help you reach out and bag gobblers that are just a little too stubborn to come within shotgun or bow range. Only 12 states allow the use of rifles (not including muzzle-loaders) in one way or another during turkey season.

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What shot do you use for turkey hunting?

Many hunters favor size 6 shot. If your gun does not pattern tightly, using 6 makes sense out to 35, maybe 40 yards. I patterned both lead 6s and heavy-shot 6s to see what really was taking place. Out to 40 yards, the 6s really threw a great pattern, providing many vital head and neck hits.

What shot for 12-gauge turkey?

Lead Turkey Loads A good compromise is #5 copper-plated lead pellets loaded in a 12-gauge 3-inch magnum shot shell. With this setup, you’ll be good out to 40 yards, and perhaps 50 if your gun is patterned tight. If you want better range and lethality, you’ll need to consider using tungsten shot.

Can you hunt turkey with a semi auto shotgun?

Both pump and semi-automatic shotguns can be equally effective for hunting turkeys, but each has advantages (and disadvantages) over the other. If price is a primary consideration, you may choose a pump.

Do you hunt turkey with a shotgun or rifle?

Gun or Bow To hunt wild turkeys in most terrains, you will need basic gear. In most states, choices for method of take for turkeys are shotgun, muzzleloader or bow. Thanks to modern turkey loads and turkey chokes, both 12 and 20 gauge do a good job at taking down a turkey.

What rifle is good for turkey?

30-30 or. 30-40 Krag. One hunter’s ideal choice for a turkey rifle, though, is a. 25-20 which was loaded in the Winchester 1894 and in Marlin cowboy lever actions, with ammo still being produced by Winchester and Remington.

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Is it legal to shoot a turkey with a rifle in Texas?

Yes, it is legal to shoot turkeys in Texas with a rifle.

What is #2 shot used for?

With a smaller pellet diameter than all other sizes of buckshot, #2 shot grants you a larger number of pellets per shot. But even though #2 shot is a versatile ammo choice, it isn’t ideal for use when hunting deer, moose, bear or other large game. Most use steel shot for hunting waterfowl and predator control.

Is 6 shot good for Turkey?

A dense pattern of #6 shot, well placed, will cleanly kill a turkey at 40 yards.

What’s the difference between buckshot and Turkey shot?

Buckshot is shotgun ammunition that uses large metal pellets in the shotgun shells. When the buckshot is fired from the shotgun the pellets scatter outward just like the birdshot. The only difference is the buckshot does more damage than the birdshot because it uses larger pellets.

Can you hunt turkeys with buckshot?

Plugs used in a shotgun magazine cannot be capable of being removed without disassembling the gun. Shot size greater than #2 cannot be used for wild turkey. This means #1, BB sizes and buckshot cannot be used as a legal method of take.

Can you use duck shot for Turkey?

Yepthey will work just fine. concentrate on your choke patterns or use a Turkey choke and BLAMO! Grilled Cutlets. When you clean the bird get out all the shot though if you can.

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