Readers ask: Crow Hunting Why?

If you think about it from a conservation standpoint, crow hunting makes all the sense in the world. Just like other predatory animals (think wolves, coyotes, bobcats, etc.), crows need to be managed in order for some game animals that we like to eat to thrive.

What is the point of hunting crows?

Other than being a fun time, there is a reason for hunting crows. Several farmers will say that they are a destructive animal, crows will dig seed out of the ground, will eat in farmers cornfields and the pecan trees in the southern states tend to be one of a crows favorite meals.

Why is it bad to kill a crow?

It is inhumane to the crows, who are killed merely for being inconvenient. And the poison may sicken or kill other animals (called non-target animals). Crows hide food for later. Any animal can find and eat these caches, not just crows.

Do hunters eat crows?

There was a time though, that people did really cook and eat crow, and believe it or not crow hunting is still regulated in many states, just like deer hunting and turkey hunting. If you’ve followed this site for a while, you know I’m not squeamish about cooking up the hunt.

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What are crow decoys used for?

Crow decoys are silhouettes or sping sticks made using plywood or plastic sheeting. Some hunting experts use samples of the real crows to attract others in the ground. Whatever the form, crow decoys serve as bait to attract many birds, making it easy and convenient for shooting.

Is killing crows illegal?

US federal law permits killing crows. The regulations are slim: the season can last no more than 124 days each year; killing must not occur during the main nesting season in any given state; only rifles, shotgun, handguns, archery, and falcons may be used to kill crows.

Are crows good to eat?

Crows are edible. You can eat them and they won’t make you sick. They taste similar to a goose, duck, or other dark meat bird. If they are prepared well, they will taste good, if not, they won’t taste that great.

What happens if you kill a crow?

Despite their role as messengers of doom and gloom, it’s bad luck to kill a crow. If you accidentally do so, you’re supposed to bury it —and be sure to wear black when you do! In some places, it’s not the sighting of a crow or raven itself, but the number that you see which is important.

Do crows take revenge?

Crows are known to have at least 250 different calls. Crows will even seek revenge on specific humans that have harmed them in the past. Crows will communicate with other crows about dangerous humans or animals. Crows have been known to gather around dead family members in a kind of funeral.

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Do crows have feelings?

Birds do not communicate emotions directly and though behavior clues can be ambiguous, those behaviors can demonstrate a wide range of emotions to observant birders.

Do crows carry diseases?

Large, highly concentrated populations of crows can easily spread disease — not only among their own species, but quite possibly to humans, either via livestock, or directly.

What does a crow taste like?

Crow meat is dark meat and tastes similar to turkey or chicken.

Are crows considered a game bird?

Under federal laws and regulations, crows are a migratory bird but not a migratory game bird. Existing federal regulations allow the take of crows (consistent with State regulations) under both hunting and depredation order regulations.

Do crow calls attract crows?

5. Lure them with crow calls. There’s no mistaking the telltale caw of a crow, but luring them with crow calls can be fairly easy if done right. Like all birds, crows use calls to communicate with each other as well as other birds.

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