Readers ask: How Do You Get Your Hunting License In Florida?

Licenses and permits are available online at, in person at a license agent or tax collector’s office or by calling toll-free 888-HUNT-FLORIDA (888-486-8356). Check what qualifies for Florida residency, if you are eligible for exemptions and whether you have met the hunter safety requirements.

What does it take to get a hunting license in Florida?

How Do I Get My State Hunting License?

  • Complete the Florida hunter education certification requirements.
  • Choose the correct license type.
  • Buy the license through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website or a Florida–approved retailer.

What Animals Can you hunt without a license in Florida?

Eddie White, quota hunt coordinator for the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, said the following may be taken year-round on private property: wild hogs (where hogs are not a game species), rabbits, raccoons, opossums, coyotes, nutria, skunks, armadillos and beavers.

What licenses do I need to hunt deer in Florida?

Expand/Collapse What licenses and permits are required to hunt deer in Florida? To hunt during archery season, hunters must have a Florida hunting license, deer permit and an archery season permit. If hunting a wildlife management area, a management area permit is required.

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Do you need a hunting license on private property in Florida?

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) governs laws and regulations for hunting in the State of Florida. The commission establishes licensing and permits for hunting as well as protects owners from those who trespass on private property without getting the owner’s permission.

How many acres do you need to hunt in Florida?

Persons who own, lease or otherwise have written permission to take deer on properties of at least 640 contiguous acres, or not less than 150 contiguous acres if adjoining land with a current permit, may apply for antlerless deer permits and tags to authorize the harvest of a specific number of antlerless deer on the

What is included in the Florida Gold sportsman license?

Licenses and permits included The Military Gold Sportsman’s License includes the Hunting, Saltwater Fishing and Freshwater Fishing licenses; and the Deer, Wildlife Management Area, Archery, Muzzleloading Gun, Crossbow, Turkey, Florida Waterfowl, Snook and Lobster permits.

Do you need a hunting license to hunt rabbit in Florida?

Get started small-game hunting Getting started in hunting is easier than you may think, and hunting gray squirrels or rabbits is the perfect way to begin. All you need is a hunting license and management area permit.

Do I need a hunting license to hunt hogs in Florida?

Wild hogs may be trapped and hunted year-round with landowner permission. A hunting license is not required, and a permit is not required to take wild hogs at night with a gun and light with landowner permission. Hunters may use dogs and any legal rifle, shotgun, crossbow, bow, pistol or air gun (including airbow).

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Can you hunt deer with a rifle in Florida?

Rifles, shotguns, pistols, air guns, longbows, compound bows, recurve bows, crossbows and birds of prey (falcons, hawks and great horned owls) may be used. Only pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air guns firing single bullets or bolts/arrows of at least. 30-caliber to take deer and at least.

Is there a deer hunting season in Florida?

Season Dates (2021): Florida deer hunting seasons are pretty complex. General gun season is September 18 to October 17 and November 20 to January 2 (Zone A), December 4 to February 20 (Zone B), November 6 to January 23 (Zone C), and November 25-28 and December 11 to February 20 (Zone D).

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