Readers ask: How To Organize Hunting Gear?

Find a medium

  1. Shelving. Choose a shelving system that is sturdy enough to hold the heaviest gear.
  2. Clear plastic boxes. Clear plastic boxes are the most practical way to organize hunting gear.
  3. Storage bins. If you’re storing gear inside the home, you can also use a storage bin as your method of organization.

How do you store hunting packs?

Once everything is washed and dried, store it in a scent-free tote or plastic bag. Totes are great options for storage inside sheds and garages because they also keep out pests. Use a wet rag, without soap, to remove dirt and other debris from boots.

Should you wash hunting clothes?

Wash hunting clothes often to prevent body odor from building up in the fibers. Keep the hunting clothes in a sealed bag or tub until you arrive at your hunting stand or camp. Do not wear while driving, pumping gas, or eating.

Why is hunting gear so expensive?

Firearms, optics, ammo and gear are also far more expensive today than they were a couple of decades ago. License fees have followed suit. Hunting license money is used to fully fund many state wildlife agencies. Not only have the costs of running these agencies soared due to inflation, but so has their mission.

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How do you store hunting clothes in season?

Store all of your hunting clothing in a dry indoor location to prevent the growth of mold. Also be sure to store hunting gear and clothes in a dark place so that the sun doesn’t cause discoloration – or worse, warping.

How do you keep your hunting clothes scent free?

To keep your clothing from absorbing scents after washing, air-dry them outdoors or load them into an electric dryer with a scent-killing or earth-scented dryer strip to further control human odors. Once your hunting clothes are dry, store them in an airtight plastic container or scent-trapping bag.

How do you store hunting clothes outside?

Before storing any hunting clothes, let them air-out for some time outside. Store garments in a container so no odors can infuse them.

How do you wash camo clothes?

Use cold/warm water on permanent press cycle with NON-UV detergent. To avoid shrinkage, fading, damage, and wrinkles to your camo garment, the permanent press cycle with cold/warm water is the answer. This wash cycle combines the agitation of the regular cycle for deep cleaning with the slow spin of the delicate cycle.

Can you put hunting clothes in the dryer?

A dryer will reintroduce odors into your freshly washed and scent-free clothes. Some of those odors will inevitably transfer to your hunting clothes, if you use it to dry them. Instead, you’ll want to hang your clothes outside to air-dry.

How do you get deer blood out of hunting clothes?

to wash blood out DO NOT use hot water. use ice cold water and hand wash the area with soap. removes blood very easy. hot water sets the proteins and then you’ll have a stain.

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Is Sitka hunting gear worth the money?

Definitely worth every penny IME, especially if your a tree stand whitetail hunter in the colder climates. If used correctly and layered properly, it is truly a game changer. Last season while hunting in Kansas Sitka allowed me to have all day sits while enduring temps in the 20’s with strong winds 20-30mph.

Is Sitka overpriced?

sitka is expensive for hunting clothing but not really expensive when compared to mountaineering clothing. I have a Mountain Hardware dwr treated climbing jacket that was $280 – its basically the same as the sitka 90% jacket, material and all.

What is the most expensive hunting?

The most expensive species to hunt are known as the Big Five: the lion, elephant, leopard, rhinoceros (both black and white) and Cape buffalo.

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