Readers ask: When Does Duck Hunting Season Start In Iowa?


2021-2022 North Zone South Zone
Youth Waterfowl Sept. 25-26 Oct 9-10
Ducks, Mergansers Coots Oct 2-8 Oct 16 – Dec 7 Oct 16-22 Oct 30 – Dec 21
Dark Geese Light Geese Sept 25 – Oct 10 Oct 16 – Dec 7 Dec 11 – Jan 8, 2022 Oct 9-24 Oct 30 – Dec 21 Dec 25 – Jan 22, 2022

How many ducks can you shoot in Iowa?

Iowa 2021-22 BAG LIMITS TEAL SEASON: Daily limit 6; blue-wing, green-wing & cinnamon teal only DUCKS: Daily limit 6; no more than 4 mallards (2 female), 3 wood ducks, 2 redheads, 1 pintail, 2 black ducks & 2 canvasbacks. Scaup bag limit: 1 for first 15 days of the season, 2 for remaining 45 days.

What is needed to hunt waterfowl in Iowa?

The adult must have a hunting license and have paid the Iowa wildlife habitat and migratory game bird fees, if normally required to do so to hunt waterfowl. Only the youth may hunt ducks, geese, mergansers and coots.

Can you hunt ducks in the spring?

First, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act made it illegal to hunt ducks in the spring, which means we would need an act of Congress to make spring hunting legal. Second, the spring snow goose season is not a hunting season at all. It’s a conservation order, so it has special exceptions and provisions set forth by the MBTA.

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Can you shoot ducks all year round?

Only South Australia, Victoria, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania have duck open seasons. New South Wales has a Game Bird Management Program that allows ducks to be hunted for crop protection.

Can you hunt ducks in February?

The first Veterans and Active Military Waterfowl Hunting Days take place the second weekend in February throughout the Balance of the State, Southern San Joaquin Valley, and Southern California waterfowl zones on both private property and public land for eligible hunters.

Can you shoot teal during regular duck season in Iowa?

Hunters may harvest up to six teal per day with a total possession limit of 18 teal. Shooting hours for the special September teal season differ from the regular duck seasons – shooting hours are sunrise to sunset. The season is September 1-16, 2021 in all three duck zones.

Can you shoot snow geese in Iowa?

+ How to hunt snow geese during late-winter? As in the fall, hunters can shoot geese by pass shooting, following feeding flocks, or by decoying birds. Decoying is by far the most consistent method for taking snow geese.

Do you need a Federal Duck Stamp to hunt geese?

These stamps are part of the waterfowl hunting license requirements and every hunter over the age of 16 must purchase and carry with them a Duck Stamp each year in order to hunt ducks, geese and other waterfowl. The Federal Duck Stamp is one of the oldest conservation efforts.

Is duck hunting good in Iowa?

Your best bet for ducks is the Mississippi River, which makes up Iowa’s entire eastern border. Unlike the rest of the state, you’ll find plenty of waterfowling opportunities there. The Big Muddy gets great flights of divers and puddlers. In fact, this is one of the best places in the country to shoot a canvasback.

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How much is a goose license in Iowa?

Residents and nonresidents can also now purchase: Resident hunting/habitat combo license for $35. Resident fur harvester/habitat (age 16 and over) combo license for $39. Nonresident hunting/habitat (age 18 and over) annual for $144.

Can you hunt waterfowl in the spring in Alaska?

All permanent residents of Northwest Alaska – both Native and non-Native – who have lived in the area for the previous 12 months can harvest migratory birds and eggs for subsistence in the spring and summer.

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