Readers ask: Where Is The Good Will Hunting Bench?

The famous bench where Will and Sean (Robin Williams) have a heart-to-heart conversation is located on the Boston Common. Join us on the Boston Movie Mile walking tour where you’ll have the opportunity to take a selfie on the bench.

Where was the bench scene in Good Will Hunting?

The park bench where Robin Williams delivers his memorable monologue in “Good Will Hunting”.

Where is Good Will Hunting set?

Although the story is set in Boston, and many of the scenes were shot on location in the Greater Boston area, many of the interior shots were filmed at locations in Toronto, with the University of Toronto standing in for MIT and Harvard University.

What college does Good Will Hunting take place?

“Good Will Hunting” picks up when Will, who works as a janitor at MIT, effortlessly solves a difficult equation on a blackboard at the school.

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What is the restaurant in Good Will Hunting?

L Street Tavern, the Bar from Good Will Hunting, Then and Now. My midnight movie session a few days ago was inspired by a visit to L street Tavern, the bar in South Boston (or Southie as locals call it) used as one of the filming locations for Good Will Hunting.

How much did Robin Williams bench press in Good Will Hunting?

Sean Maguire (Robin Williams): Sees the gift in Will, yet wishes to help Will choose his own path and work through his fears of emotional intimacy. He can bench press 285 pounds.

Was Good Will Hunting filmed in Toronto?

Good Will Hunting was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Filming locations included the University of Toronto, Public Garden, Upfront Bar & Grill, Ontario Specialty Co, Woody’s L Street Tavern, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Is the bar in Good Will Hunting real?

Upfront Bar & Grill, Toronto – Good Will Hunting The bar is supposed to be the Bow and Arrow bar in Boston – but it is actually the Upfront Bar and Grill in Toronto. Only exterior shots of Bow and Arrow were used, and sadly both have closed their doors.

What time of year does Good Will Hunting take place?

Boston in the 1990s Beautiful Beantown is the belle of the ball in Good Will Hunting: This is one of the iconic Boston movies. The only way that this movie—which features the Sox, Southie, Harvard, and MIT—could get more Bostonian is if it starred Paul Revere eating a Dunkin’ Donut.

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What school does Matt Damon go to in Good Will Hunting?

Matt Damon is best known as the actor who plays a leading role in movies including ‘Good Will Hunting’, but before he became a famous actor, did he go to Harvard? Matt Damon attended Harvard to study English, though he knew already that he wanted to pursue a career in acting.

Where did Matt Damon go to college?

Skylar asks Will to move to California with her, where she will begin medical school at Stanford.

Where is Southie in Good Will Hunting?

Locations featured in Good Will Hunting South Boston, also known as “Southie,” has always been a tough neighborhood, so it fit well with Will and Chuckie’s (Ben Affleck) rough attitudes. These attitudes are also what led them to the South Boston District Municipal Court.

Where in Boston was the town filmed?

Filming began in late August 2009 in Boston. The former MASSBank branch located in Melrose, Massachusetts, was used as the location for the first robbery of the film, taking on the name Cambridge Merchants Bank (the exterior shots, however, are of Cambridge Savings Bank in Harvard Square).

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