What Caliber Rifle For Elk Hunting?

Want the ideal elk cartridge? Look to something that fires a 7mm or bigger heavy-for-caliber projectile at around 3,000 fps. Best bullets are the 7mm 155- to 175-grainers, and the. 30-caliber 180- to 200-grainers.

What is best rifle caliber for elk?

Top 10 Elk Cartridges of All Time

  1. 1.. 243 Winchester.
  2. 6.5 Creedmoor. Introduced by Hornady in 2007, the 6.5 Creedmoor is easily the hottest-selling rifle cartridge on the market today.
  3. 3.. 300 Winchester Magnum.
  4. 4.. 30-06 Springfield.
  5. 5.. 308 Winchester.
  6. 6.. 280 Ackley Improved.
  7. 7.. 280 Remington.
  8. 8.. 270 Winchester.

Is a 308 good for elk hunting?

308 Winchester is a good caliber for hunting deer, pronghorn, elk, moose and bear. Proponents of the. 308 Winchester will usually tell stories of how well the caliber does as a sniper rifle out to 700 yards and sometimes beyond. 308 Winchester caliber.

Is a.270 big enough for elk?

270, especially when mated with the tough, deep-penetrating, weight-retaining bullets we have today, is not a “big gun” on elk, but is adequate for any elk that walks, with careful shot placement.

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Is a 270 caliber good for elk?

Also, a powerful cartridge gives you more options on which shots you can take. 270 Winchester will kill an elk with a perfect broadside shot. But if you have a quartering shot a. 338 Winchester will penetrate a lot deeper and break more bones.

Is 308 too small for elk?

308 is inadequate for elk at any range. But the extra velocity of the magnum only lasts about 100 yards.

Is.308 good for elk or moose?

308 is great. Have taken a few moose with it and my dad has taken a dozen or more. His model 700 rifle shoots 180 grain bullets better. My 308 model 7 shoots 165’s better.

Is 308 or 30-06 better for elk?

At 180 grains, the 30-06 has a ~ 100 fps advantage over the. 308 out to 400 yards. In terms of energy, Again, the 30-06 has an advantage of ~150 ft lbs out through 400 yards, but both are still hitting with over 1200 ft #s @ 400 yds. In terms of bullet drop, there is 1 inch difference through 400 yards.

What is the best caliber for elk moose and bear?

The Best Ammo for Elk and Moose Hunting

  • 10 |. 375 Ruger.
  • 1 | 6.5 Creedmoor. This is the “new kid on the block.” Born in 2007, it isn’t an old ammo option.
  • 2 |. 270 Win.
  • 3 |. 280 Rem.
  • 4 | 7mm-08 Rem. This caliber was introduced approximately 40 years ago.
  • 5 |. 308 Win.
  • 6 |. 30-06 SPRG.
  • 7 |. 300 Win Mag.

Which is better 308 or 300 win mag?

Speed and Trajectory: The big difference here is that the 300 win mag will send a 180 grain bullet, which is at the top end of the 308’s abilities, at almost 3000 fps. At 500 yards, a 308 zeroed for 200 yards with a 165 grain bullet will need 47.7″ of correction while the 300 win mag will only need 38.7″.

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What gun is bigger 270 or 308?

270 Winchester has a 24″ barrel, is 44.75″ long, and weighs 8.25 pounds. So, the rifle chambered in. 270 Winchester is 2″ longer and weighs about a half pound more than the exact same model chambered in. 308 Winchester.

What size gun do I need to shoot an elk?

Want the ideal elk cartridge? Look to something that fires a 7mm or bigger heavy-for -caliber projectile at around 3,000 fps. Best bullets are the 7mm 155- to 175-grainers, and the. 30-caliber 180- to 200-grainers.

Is a.270 big enough for moose?

270 Winchester is an all-around workhorse. There is nothing flashy about it, but flash doesn’t kill big bulls. Known as an ideal cartridge for medium-sized game, the. 270 will still get the job done plenty well on a moose.

What can I hunt with a 270?

270. It shoots flat out to 300 yards, which makes it a point and shoot rifle caliber for the vast majority of shots on big game. You can take the same. 270 you use for whitetails in Wisconsin for caribou bulls and big black bears in Alaska, or on combo western hunts for pronghorn antelope, mule deer, and elk.

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