What Experience Of Hunting Has Rainsford Had?

What experience in hunting has Rainsford had? He travels a lot to go hunting and has shot a lot. Writes books about hunting. Hunts jaguars, snow leopards in Tibet.

What hunting experience has Rainsford had in the past?

Expert Answers Rainsford is described as a very experienced big-game hunter. He has traveled the world and hunted most of the big-game prey allowed by legal restrictions (the story was written in 1924, when hunting was a more accepted sport).

What did Rainsford experience?

When Rainsford is being hunted on the island by the crazy General Zaroff, he learns fear. He knows what it means to be a hunted animal. Rainsford knew now how an animal at bay feels. The second point that Rainsford learns is that some people, like Zaroff, are crazy.

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How does Rainsford feel about hunting?

What is Rainsford’s opinion of hunting at the beginning of the story? He is passionate about hunting, and he does not feel sympathy towards his victims, the animals. Whitney, however, is cautious and weary of his environment – he considers the perspective of the victim (the animal.)

How do Rainsford experience as a hunter help him on the island?

How do Rainsford’s experiences as a hunter help him on the island? He uses tricks to keep Zaroff from catching him such as a trap and causing the dogs to lose their senses of smell. Why is General Zaroff surprised to see Rainsford at the end of the story? Zaroff thinks that he has won and Rainsford is dead.

How does Rainsford change throughout the story?

Rainsford transforms into a “beast at bay” and changes his perspective of hunting altogether. Rainsford’s outlook on life transforms when he becomes the vulnerable prey and gains empathy for the animals he used to hunt.

What does Rainsford do on the first night of the hunt?

On the first night of the hunt, Rainsford leaves Zaroff’s chateau and goes into the jungle. He walks a bit and decides that the first thing he must do is create a trail that Zaroff cannot follow.

What do we learn about Rainsford in the beginning of the story?

Rainsford finally understands how the animal being hunted feels. At the beginning of the story, he said “who cares” how the hunted animal feels, and now he is feeling it himself. The general believes that the game is over and they can be civilized once again.

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How does Rainsford feel about hunting at the end of the story?

While Rainsford is being hunted by the general, he experiences the same horror and fear that animals feel while they are being hunted. By the end of the story, Rainsford survives the three days on the island and sneaks into Zaroff’s chamber, where he confronts him and challenges the general to a fight.

What lesson does Rainsford learn?

First, Rainsford learns what it means to fear. This is an important lesson, because in the beginning of the story Rainsford is very caviler about fear. When Whitney says that he believes that jaguars fear, Rainsford dismisses him.

How does Rainsford attitude toward hunting change during the story?

How does Rainsford’s attitude change because of his experience? He has more sympathy for the hunted, like Whitney. Since he now knew how it felt about how it was like being hunted, he feels more sympathetic towards the hunted.

Why did Rainsford change his mind about hunting?

Rainsfold has probably changed his mind about hunting because he had to meet Zaroff in the story. He seemed to not like the idea of being hunted so he would have more respect for hunting another animal, too.

How does Rainsford and Whitney feel about hunting?

How do Rainsford and Whitney feel about hunting? Whitney loves it, but Rainsford thinks it is just cruel. Both men agree that it is acceptable for survival, but not for sport. Both men enjoy hunting as a sport, but because of their talent they do not take it too seriously.

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How did Rainsford’s knowledge experience and skill as a hunter help him stay alive explain?

Game meaning “an animal being hunted” could mean Zaroff hunting Rainsford, where Rainsford is the most dangerous game. I think Rainsford’s knowledge, experience, and training as a hunter did help him win the game because he knew how to build all the different traps to stop Zaroff from hunting him.

How did Rainsford’s knowledge experience and skill as a hunter help him stay alive?

Rainsford’s experience as a hunter helps him avoid General Zaroff and survive. Rainsford uses his hunting experience to outwit and harm the general by misleading him throughout the island and setting several traps that halt Zaroff’s pursuit.

How does Rainsford use his knowledge of hunting to escape general Zaroff?

Rainsford uses his knowledge of the The Fox Hunt, The Maylay Mancatcher, a Burmese Tiger pit, and the Uganda Knife Trick to evade capture by Zaroff. The second way Rainsford uses his knowledge of hunting to avoid capture by Zaroff is by using Zaroff’s own ideology against him.

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