What Hunting Season Is It In Nj?

New Jersey regulates some deer seasons by location.

New Jersey Small Game Seasons.

Coyote Nov. 7-Mar. 15
Pheasant & Partridge Nov. 7-Dec. 5
Rabbit Sept. 26-Dec. 5 and Dec. 14-15, Dec. 17-Feb. 20
Squirrel Sept. 26-Dec. 5 and Dec. 14-15, Dec. 17-Feb. 20

What is the first day of hunting season in NJ?

NJ Hunting Seasons Dates. In general, the first day of bow hunting in NJ starts on September 12 in a few zones and the first day of firearm hunting is November 30.

What Animals Can you hunt in New Jersey?

Game species (e.g., those that may be legally hunted) include American woodcock, ruffed grouse, northern bobwhite quail, pheasants, chukar and Hungarian partridge, eastern gray squirrel, rabbits and hares, raccoon, Virginia opossum, red and gray fox, coyote and woodchuck, while furbearing species (e.g., those that may

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Can you hunt in your backyard in NJ?

All hunters must obtain permission to hunt on private property and written permission to hunt within the 450 feet safety zone. The NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife has provided a Hunter Landowner Courtesy Card (in this manual and in the digest) for you to use when obtaining permission to hunt.

When can you shoot a buck in NJ?

Legal hunting hours: 1⁄2 hour before sunrise to 1⁄2 hour after sunset. No firearm deer hunting on Sundays. Limited Sunday bowhunting allowed. Note: Only one antlerless permit, per zone, may be purchased in each permit season.

Can you deer hunt on Sunday in NJ?

There is no hunting on SUNDAY in New Jersey EXCEPT for certain Wildlife Management Areas and private lands.

Can you shoot a coyote in NJ on your property?

after sunset). Properly licensed persons hunting deer during the six-day firearm, muzzleloader rifle permit or shotgun permit deer seasons may kill fox or coyote, if the fox or coyote is encountered before said person has taken the season bag limit of deer.

Can you hunt squirrels in NJ?

Persons holding a current and valid firearm license and rifle permit may hunt for squirrels from sunrise to ½ hour after sunset with a muzzleloading rifle (. 36 caliber or smaller loaded with a single projectile – see the Hunting Digest for complete rules).

Can you use a rifle to hunt in NJ?

When hunting with a rifle in NJ, you must possess a firearm license and a rifle permit. The gun can only hold three rounds (1 in the chamber and 2 in the magazine) regardless of the magazine’s capacity. Pictured above is a bolt-action rifle.

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How far do you have to be from a house to hunt in NJ?

Aiming to curb the deer population, the state legislature has approved a bill that would allow bow hunters to shoot at deer as close as 150 feet from homes. Currently, hunters have to be 450 feet from occupied buildings.

How far away from a house can you hunt in NJ?

Carrying a loaded firearm within 450 feet, or a nocked arrow within 150 feet of a building or within 450 feet of any school playground (whether or not occupied) is prohibited, except the owner or lessee of a building and persons specifically authorized by him in writing may hunt with a firearm within 450 feet or a bow

How far from a house can you bow hunt in NJ?

The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife has announced that the bowhunter perimeter bill has been signed by Governor Christie and is now law. The new law changes the area for bow hunting around an occupied building to 150 feet, and will assist in providing a means of accessing and controlling deer populations.

Is Buckshot legal in NJ?

It shall be illegal to have in possession while deer hunting any firearm missile except the 20, 16, 12, or 10 gauge lead, lead alloy, or copper slug; or, if hunting deer the 12, 10, 16, or 20 gauge buckshot shell.

Can you shoot a deer in NJ?

Hunters can enjoy more than a hundred days of deer hunting, including seasons for bow, shotgun and muzzleloading rifle. Multiple bag limits are the rule in most zones. In addition, some of the best waterfowl hunting on the East coast is found in the Garden State.

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Is it illegal to cut antlers off a dead deer in NJ?

Possession of naturally shed deer antlers is legal. Parts of deer possessed, other than shed antlers, must be from lawfully harvested deer. Road killed deer with a permit are intended only for consumption; antler possession from these deer is not legal.

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