When Does Deer Hunting Season Start In Minnesota?

Deer seasons

09/18/21 – 12/31/21 Deer – Archery Statewide
10/21/21 – 10/24/21 Deer – Early Antlerless Portions of southeastern Minnesota
10/21/21 – 10/24/21 Deer – Youth Statewide
10/29/21 – 10/31/21 Deer – Camp Ripley Archery Camp Ripley
11/6/21 – 11/21/21 Deer – Firearm (Season A) 100 Series permit areas


What day is deer opener in MN?

It’s shaping up to be a good deer hunting season in most areas of Minnesota, wildlife officials say. The firearms deer season opens Saturday, Nov. 6, and nearly 500,000 hunters are expected to participate this season, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) said Monday.

When can you start hunting in MN?

Minnesota Hunter Education Requirement The minimum age to take Hunter Education is 11 years.

How many deer can you shoot in Minnesota 2021?

MINNESOTA– As Minnesota deer hunters begin to gear up for the 2021 season, they might want to refresh on the new changes. One change this year is a shift to a five-deer bag limit in areas that were previously under an unlimited antlerless bag limit.

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Can you shoot a deer from your house in Minnesota?

Hunting within city limits or shooting within 500 feet of any buildings occupied by humans or livestock without written permission of the owner is not allowed.

How many deer can you shoot in Minnesota 2020?

A total of 2 deer can be taken in two-deer limit areas, regardless of license type. Hunters can mix and match licenses and bonus permits so long as they do not exceed 2 deer total per year, no matter how many two-deer limit areas they hunt.

Can a 12 year old hunt alone?

Answer: If you have a valid junior license, you may hunt by yourself with a firearm. However, if you are using a HANDGUN, then you either need to be accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult, or have the written permission of a parent.

Can a 14 year old hunt alone in Minnesota?

Hunters who are 14 years of age or older are permitted to hunt unsupervised in Minnesota. They must obtain hunter education certification (firearms safety training), and must also possess the appropriate license for the game animal being hunted.

How many buck tags can you get in Minnesota?

Licenses and permits Hunters may want two tags in possession. One tag must be valid for taking an antlerless deer and the other for taking a buck. Hunters who are only interested in taking an antlerless deer need only bring one tag.

What is the largest big game species found in Minnesota?

The black bear is the largest Minnesota mammal and the only species of bear in the state.

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Can you shoot deer on your property out of season?

Shooting deer with archery equipment or firearms during standard established hunting seasons is the most effective way to maintain deer population balance in areas where it is legal and safe to hunt. You cannot shoot deer outside of established seasons and without a proper license or permit.

Can DNR come on private property MN?

A: Yes. In Minnesota, conservation officers (COs) are empowered to “enter any land to carry out their duties” as specified in state law.

Can I hunt from my deck?

A: Yes, this is perfectly legal for them to do.

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