When Is Moose Hunting Season In Maine?

2021 Moose Permit Hunt Seasons Bag Limits

Wildlife Management District Dates
1-14, 17-19, 27, 28 October 11, 2021 – October 16, 2021
1-6, 8 October 25, 2021 – October 30, 2021
15, 16 Maine Resident Permit Holders Only October 30, 2021
15, 16 November 1, 2021 – November 27, 2021


Is there a moose season in Maine?

If you’re considering East Coast exploration, Maine’s hunting seasons might be the place for you. The state offers deer, moose, bear and small game seasons throughout the fall and spring. Hunting licenses are available to both state residents and nonresidents.

How much is a Maine moose hunt?

Hunting License & Moose permit, non-resident big game license $115.00, moose permit $585.00, Maine residence license $26.00, moose permit $52.00. Extra persons (apart from you and your sub-permittee) is $700.00 per person for meals & accommodations.

How many moose permits does Maine give out?

4,030 permits were awarded for the upcoming 2021 Maine moose hunt, 345 more than the previous year. Most of the permits, totaling 1,650, were divided among Wildlife Management Districts 1, 2, and 4. The 500 permits issued in Zone 4 were separate from the Adaptive Moose Hunt.

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What is the deadline for the Maine moose Lottery?

Applications must be completed by 11:59 pm (ET) on May 13, 2021. Moose Lottery drawing to be held in June 2021.

What moose meat taste like?

Moose meat tastes a bit like a much leaner, tougher, and meatier version of beef or bison. However, it has a very unique flavor that is much stronger and gamier than beef. Moose often also carries the flavor of their diet in the area they lived in, usually a floral taste from willow buds.

How hard is it to get a moose tag in Maine?

According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, the overall odds for a single resident “chance” to be drawn, should they be willing to accept any season and any type of permit, are 1 in 72. The more chances you have in the drawing, the better your odds get.

How many moose permits do I need in Maine 2021?

Maine’s moose hunt is a “permit only” hunt. 4,030 permits were issued for the 2021 moose hunt. Each permittee may select a subpermittee to hunt with them. Applications are available by January 31. A person may not hunt moose with an apprentice hunter license.

How do I get a moose tag in Maine?

To hunt for moose in Maine, you will need a permit; and due to high demand, these permits are administered in four ways only:

  1. Through three chance lottery drawings: resident, non-resident, and the adaptive management zone.
  2. Through a competitive auction.
  3. Through a controlled moose hunt for disabled veterans.

Can you sell a Maine moose permit?

In most cases, moose permits are non-transferable.

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Can you shoot cow moose?

Cow Moose Hunting Hunting of cow moose in BC is quite legal during a prescribed cow moose season.

How many moose can you hunt in New Hampshire?

The Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire auctions one moose hunting permit as part of a program to support the conservation of wildlife and natural places in N.H. The permit allows the holder to harvest one moose of either sex.

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