When Is The Idaho Controlled Deer Hunting Drawing Going To Be Done?

Updated August 24, 2021, at 9:30 a.m. MDT. Swan Controlled Hunt, and 2nd Big Game Controlled Hunt Draw Results for Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, and Fall Bear are posted!

Draw Results Schedule.

Controlled Hunts Results Posted
* Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, Fall Bear, and Turkey – First Drawing Early July


How do I know if I drew a tag in Idaho?

Hunters who already have an account can check to see if they drew controlled hunt tags and, if they drew, purchase them at GoOutdoorsIdaho.com, or through the Fish and Game app.

How many controlled hunts can you put in for in Idaho?

There are several exceptions to this: you can put in for a single trophy species AND 1) any unlimited controlled hunts for deer, elk or pronghorn; 2) the second drawing for deer, elk and pronghorn; 3) any extra tags for deer, elk and pronghorn; and 4) any designated depredation hunts.

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Is Idaho a draw state for deer hunting?

Controlled Season Idaho’s controlled hunt permits are a true random draw. Irrespective of how many times you have applied in the past, an applicant in the random draw receives only 1 entry unlike many other states.

How do I get leftover tags in Idaho?

For a full list of available leftover tags, go to https://idfg.idaho.gov/hunt /controlled/unclaimed. Leftover tags will be available for purchase at Fish and Game offices and license vendors, online, or by calling 1-800-554-8685.

What is a Idaho Super Hunt?

Idaho’s Super Hunt and Super Hunt Combo tags allow hunters to pursue world class big game in any open hunt in Idaho. Every year, 34 hunters win this special opportunity! To win a Super Hunt tag, hunters need to enter the Super Hunt Drawings. By mail, send a Super Hunt order form with a check.

How do you get in a control hunt in Idaho?

Hunters with a valid 2021 Idaho hunting license may apply for controlled hunts at any license vendor, Fish and Game office, or with a credit card online at license.gooutdoorsidaho.com or by calling 1-800-554-8685. There is an additional fee for online and phone orders.

Can you apply for more than one controlled hunt in Idaho?

Controlled hunts [can you put in for more than one species?] Answer: During the May 1-June 5 application period you can apply for more than one species (on separate applications, of course).

Do you have to draw for tags in Idaho?

If you don’t get drawn, you can still buy a general tag. There are many antlerless controlled hunt opportunities for deer, elk and pronghorn.

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Can you hunt pronghorn in Idaho?

Idaho offers a variety of pronghorn tags for either sex, doe or fawn, archery, muzzle loader, short range weapon and youth hunts. Pronghorn are considered to be the fastest land mammal in the Western Hemisphere, built for maximum speed to run from ancient predators that no longer exist.

Where is the best deer hunting in Idaho?

Idaho’s highest whitetail densities are found in the Panhandle region. Most of the general seasons in the northern Panhandle close December 1st, allowing hunters the opportunity to hunt during the peak of the rut, which can make for a fun hunt.

Where are the most elk in Idaho?

Unit 39 (Borders Boise to the Northeast) Unit 39 is one of the most popular elk hunting units in the state of Idaho. Tags can be purchased over-the-counter for a very low cost if you’re a resident, and its proximity to Boise makes it easy to access for scouting trips during the summer and fall.

Are Idaho deer tags sold out?

IDAHO — Idaho Fish and Game announced today that nonresident regular deer tags have sold out, with nonresident whitetail-only tags expected to sell out soon as well. The sell-out does not affect Idaho resident deer and elk tags, which are not limited by quotas.

Can I buy over the counter deer tag in Idaho?

Nonresidents – Hunters can purchase over-the-counter tags any time beginning December 1 for the coming year. Just buy your license and tags and go hunting during the hunting season. Please note: Nonresident general season deer and elk tags are all limited and may sell out quickly.

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Can you buy two deer tags in Idaho?

Answer: Yes. Any hunter (resident or nonresident) can purchase a second deer or elk tag from the nonresident quota unless the quota is sold out.

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