Which Shotgun Choke Is Best For Hunting Large Slow Birds?

Conversely, someone hunting a larger, less mobile bird that is usually farther away, such as a turkey, would select a Full choke, which concentrates the shot in a smaller area.

What is the best choke for bird hunting?

For most shooters, a skeet choke is best for early season doves and an improved-cylinder choke is second best. If you shoot a two-barreled shotgun, it’s hard to beat skeet for the first shot and improved-cylinder for the follow-up.

What is the best shotgun choke for turkey hunting?

Full choke has tight constriction. The shot holds together even longer, making this choke good for squirrels, turkey, and other game shot at 40-yard and longer ranges. Turkey hunters sometimes use Extra Full or Turkey choke for even denser patterns at long range.

What is the best choke for waterfowl hunting?

A modified choke tube (0.020”) is the best choke size for duck hunting. It allows for all-around performance for both decoying and passing shots. All types of shot and shot sizes can be put through a modified choke tube with no issues. Full chokes are specialized chokes for long distance shots only.

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What is the best choke to use for pheasant hunting?

The common choices No. 5 shot is probably the most common load, with a modified choke being the most common choke choice. This combination will work throughout the season. The nice thing about a modified choke, too, is the ability to shoot steel pheasant hunting ammo without effecting performance.

Do you really need a turkey choke?

“Turkeys are a lot different than hunting pheasants. They’re a tougher bird and you need to get pellets into their vital areas to kill them cleanly and a tighter choke will allow you to do that, allow you to throw a dense pattern so you put more pellets in the turkey’s head or neck, in his vital areas.”

Can I use a full choke for turkey hunting?

Full: This choke has tight constriction and a dense pattern, delivering approximately 70 percent of a shell’s total pellets in a 30-inch circle at 40 yards. It’s often used for trap shooting, waterfowl pass shooting, turkey hunting and buckshot loads. Rifled slugs usually perform well with this choke.

What is the best constriction for a turkey choke?

660 constrictions — shoot small shot, such as No. 6, best. * Chokes with larger constrictions, such as. 680, usually work best with larger shot — No.

What choke does Duck Commander use?

“We’ve had a relationship with the crew at Duck Commander since 2005 and we’re proud that they use Kicks High Flyer chokes,” said Chuck Boswell, vice president of Kick’s Industries. “They recognize that High Flyers are the foremost waterfowl chokes on the market, offering the best patterns and superior results.

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What is the best shotgun shell for waterfowl?

11 Best New Shotshell Loads For Waterfowl

  • Kent Bismuth. Whether you want to carry a classic gun, or never worry about winging another duck, Bismuth brings modern performance to grandad’s double.
  • Black Cloud Flex.
  • Rio Blue Steel.
  • Winchester Blind Side.
  • Kent Fasteel.
  • Browning BXD.

What’s the difference between ported and non ported chokes?

The only thing you get from a ported choke tube is a lighter wallet. Shotguns don’t work at high enough pressures to allow the porting to make a difference. Especially by the time the shot cup gets to the end of the barrel. As mentioned above it just makes shooting less pleasant for those in your blind.

What size shot is used for pheasant hunting?

A size 4 is usually best for pheasants and a size 2 should be used for bigger birds such as ducks or geese, Burd said. Even larger shot is BB and BBB, then a range of buckshot. “Your pellets are really big by that time, like up to a third of an inch. People hunt deer back East with buckshot.

What is the best 12 gauge load for pheasant hunting?

From experience, steel 3’s and 4’s in 12 or 20 gauges seem to do the job quite well on pheasants and steel 6’s or 7’s are good for quail and woodcock hunting. Extra speed in steel loads is generally necessary to impart greater striking force on the game being shot because steel is lighter than lead.

Is 7.5 shot good for pheasant?

Registered. I have loaded 7.5s for pheasant and taken many birds with them. They can do a great job, with the right velocity and choke they can be very effective to reasonable shooting distances.

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