Testimonials from past clients of 
Dixieland Plantation

“Dixieland Plantation provides an exceptional quail hunting experience.  The accommodations, guides, horses, and dogs are outstanding and the birds are plentiful.  For someone looking for a quail hunting experience reminiscent of the days of hunting wild birds, Dixieland will exceed your expectations.”
Jim Kelly – Birmingham, Alabama

Letter from satisfied client Steve Turner – Greenwich, Connecticut:

Dear Don,

          I very much look forward to hunting quail at Dixieland Plantation for three weekends in December and January.  As you know this will be my 10th year hunting with you.  I consider your quail hunts to be simply the best.  One of my invited guests told me recently that his weekend at Dixieland Plantation was his favorite weekend of the year.  I look forward to seeing you in December.

Best Regards,


P.S. As you know two friends from Paris, France will
join me for the January 2003 hunt. 


Letter from satisfied client Joseph Morris – Tulsa, Oklahoma:

Dear Don,

          I was born and raised on a farm in Kansas.  I have had a shotgun in my hands since I was big enough to carry one and I have hunted upland game birds – especially quail – all my life.

          I have hunted at the Dixieland Plantation for approximately 15 years.  It is a superb facility.  It has top-flight dogs, excellent handlers, top-of-line horses, superb accommodations and food.  I have 3 hunts there every year and each hunt is 3 days.  It is a super hunting experience.




“A quail hunting trip to Dixieland Plantation is truly an adventure, and a real time warp experience.  On arrival you and your guests are greeted at the hunting lodge, where you can smell that evenings dinner being prepared, probably fried quail, garden fresh vegetables, homemade biscuits, and fresh pies for dessert.  Before dinner there is ample opportunity to sit around a fire, or observe the sunset from the front porch.

The next morning brings the excitement of the days hunt.  Before heading out, you sit down to a real southern breakfast, so you will not be hunting on an empty stomach.  After breakfast, you head up to the stables where you get familiar with your horse, and meet Clem, the dog handler who will go out with your party.

The horses at Dixieland are very well trained, for even the most novice of riders.  The dogs are also well trained and are beautiful to watch as they head out over rolling countryside, looking for birds.  The morning hunt usually consists of two braces, before stopping for lunch.  Lunch is served back at the lodge, and keeping with tradition is delicious, and most plentiful.

After lunch, you will have time for a short nap, before starting out for the afternoon hunt.  By the time you have finished hunting, you will have gotten plenty of shooting in, as Dixieland has plenty of birds, both wild coveys, and released birds, that offer a challenge to every person.  Your birds are cleaned, and packaged for you for your trip home, and you will have had a most memorable experience, and plenty of stories to share, until your next trip back to Dixieland.”
John Beeler – Birmingham, Alabama